ICD-10 2019...Update and Prepare NOW!

ICD-10 2019 Updates Comming -
Update THOMAS and Prepare your system now!

Soon we will be releasing the new 2019 ICD-10 changes. ICD-10 changes are effective for all claims with a date of service of October 1, 2018 or after. However, you can do this maintenance anytime before then.
There are 279 additions, 51 deletions, and 143 revisions. eThomas is easy to update. Look for a broadcast message that the new ICD-10 codes are available.

First I would run maintenance on my current ICD-10 codes. Look for the system maintenance icon maintence button and log in.

Purge and Archive

If you have not done this in the past, it might be time. This feature allows all ICD-9 codes to be expired.
Then choose the Archive ICD-9 feature. This will expire all ICD-9 codes in your system.

Updating your ICD-10 codes

To expire "retired" diagnosis codes and update the descriptions of updated codes a utility has been added. In eTHOMAS go to Utility|Maintenance|Check DX Codes. This will find any of your codes that do not match the updated master list. The replace all feature will update any descriptions that have been changed and add expiration dates to any "retired" codes. If you try to use a diagnosis code after the expiration date the user will receive a warning message.
billing update summary
*Remember- You need to update as of now - to have this feature available (it was released this morning, 7/11/18)
Link to the YouTube Video if you want another walk-thru of the above information: Click Here for the video How to.

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