eTHOMAS has a new Browse Button Feature for Clearinghouses

New "Browse Button" in EDI client for Navicure & Trizetto/Gateway Users

A change has been made in EDI Client for Navicure and Trizetto users, to save time when submitting claim files. When you click on “Send and Receive” you will now be prompted with a box to browse to the electronic claim file. The very first time this box comes up, you will need to navigate to the file. The file location can be found at the bottom of the Prebilling Summary or Billing Update Summary reports.

billing update summary
Choose the file you wish to transmit and the name will automatically populate in the next screen.
billing update summary
Click OK to send the file.
billing update summary
After the first time, the location of the files will be remembered.
Users who want to type in the file name manually can click the Cancel button to do so.

Update Now

In order to have and use this feature - you must be on a current update of June 11, 2018, in the afternoon or later to have this option. Update now.

Thanks for being a Genius client and letting us serve you.

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