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Dear Genius Office Manager, Biller, and Doctor:
We hope you know how much we care about you. You have such an important job, with so much extra mandated work. We feel it our mission to seek out and find you the most helpful healthcare and office solutions to make life easier and more profitable for you. To this end, we've partnered with Navicure (a Waystar® company) to bring you a full-service clearinghouse that will speed up your claims processing from billing to posting.

With Navicure, you can have:
  • The ability to send nearly every insurance claim electronically, both primary and secondary- All from the same website and log-in.
  • The ability to receive almost every type of insurance payment remittance file- All from the same website and log-in. Then autopost them to eTHOMAS in minutes, saving countless hours each week manually collecting and entering your payments.
  • The happiness of deleting most every insurance website you are currently logging into each week to retrieve paper payment vouchers.
  • The satisfaction of collecting more money, faster and easier than you could've imagined.
With the right clearinghouse partner, you will wonder how you ever got by in without it.

We wanted to give you a last reminder that Navicure is offering Genius Solutions customers an incredible limited-time offer. Simply sign an agreement with Navicure by June 30, 2018, and 
all customary implementation, enrollment, and training fees will be waived!

See why so many of our customers have already upgraded to "full-service" by calling our Navicure specialists at 678-955-4055, or reach out to him via email at mwhite@navicure.com today!
Kevin Anderson
Vice President
— Genius Solutions, Inc.

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